Shinhoo won the patent gold medal of Anhui Province
Nov 07 , 2020

On November 5th, the 7th Anhui Province Patent Awarding Ceremony of Hefei High-tech Zone was held in the Management Committee. The patent project "A Shielding Sleeve Stretching Manufacturing Process" declared by Shinhoo won the patent gold award in Anhui Province. Wang Wenyin, the Minister of the Administration Department of Shinhoo, attended the event and received the award.

Canned motor pumps are widely used in various fields of the national economy with the characteristics of no leakage, ultra-quiet and long life. However, as the core component of the canned motor pump-the shielding sleeve, how to solve the phenomenon of virtual welding, missing welding, welding through, etc., while reducing the wall thickness of the shielding sleeve, but also ensuring the sealing of the shielding sleeve, is a common problem faced by manufacturers in the industry. problem.

As a professional manufacturer of canned motor pumps, Shinhoo canned motor pumps face up to difficulties, devote themselves to improving the manufacturing process of shielding sleeves, and propose a shielding sleeve manufacturing stretching process, which eliminates the need for welding and overcomes the production problems of shielding sleeves. . This process has the advantages of saving materials, compact structure, easy assembly, etc., and has made a major technological breakthrough in the production of shielding sleeves.

Since 2009, the patented technology has been applied to many products of the company and produced positive technical effects. For example, the kerosene refueling canned motor pump produced by the company has been successfully used in the launch of the Long March series rockets of the Xichang, Taiyuan, and Hainan Wenchang Satellite Launch Centers, escorting my country's aerospace industry. The canned motor pump products produced by the company using this patent are also widely used in military industry, petrochemical, metallurgy, nuclear power, EMUs, central air conditioning units and other fields. The products are exported to 30 countries or regions such as Europe, America, and Southeast Asia. Leakage, long-term effective and stable operation.

Shinhoo has been actively promoting the planning and implementation of intellectual property strategies including patents and trademarks, and has been recognized as a national high-tech enterprise, Anhui famous brand product, Anhui Enterprise Technology Center, and Hefei Engineering Technology Research Center. In 2018, Shinhoo canned motor pump passed the intellectual property management system certification, laying a solid foundation for the in-depth implementation of the company's intellectual property strategy, enhancing the competitiveness of the company's products and brand influence.

Winning the Golden Patent Award of Anhui Province this time is a testimony to the technological innovation of Shinhoo. Precipitating technology, upgrading products, Shinhoo will follow the path of self-research and innovation, continue to deepen cutting-edge technology, and strive to provide more efficient and energy-saving patented technology products.

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  • 252020 Nov
    Shinhoo-Harbin Institute of Technology Joint Laboratory was formally established

    Recently, a joint laboratory for fluid transportation and distribution jointly established by Hefei Xinhu Canned Pump Co., Ltd. and the School of Architecture of Harbin Institute of Technology was officially established. Professor Ni Long, director of the Provincial Engineering Research Center for Thermal Energy Application of Harbin Institute of Technology, said: “The establishment of joint laboratories between schools and enterprises is of great significance. On the one hand, it is conducive to the formation of industry-university-research integration between the academic capabilities of Harbin Institute of Technology and the new Shanghai, and the use of the Features Cooperate with Shinhoo to develop and verify high-efficiency and energy-saving pumps in the field of heat pumps; on the other hand, Shinhoo will be used as an extension base for learning and practice of Harbin Institute of Technology students to cultivate more engineering talents in the field of water pumps and fluids, and contribute to the development of fluid technology in China power." Professor Ni Long Previously, the Heat Pump Professional Committee of China Energy Conservation Association and Harbin Institute of Technology and other units jointly compiled the "White Paper on Air Source Heat Pump Distributed Central Heating". Shinhoo is an important heat pump component manufacturer and actively participates as a participating unit. group photo For a long time, Shinhoo has been very optimistic about the development prospects of the heat pump industry, especially the fiery development of the air-source heat pump heating and cooling dual supply market, which is favored by more and more consumers due to its more comfortable and energy-saving characteristics. The dual heat pump system has extremely high performance requirements for water pump products. Shinhoo will join hands with Harbin Institute of Technology to keep up with the development of the industry and delve into water pump frequency conversion technology, and work together to play the strongest voice of water pump frequency conversion in the heat pump industry!

  • 252020 Nov
    Shinhoo nuclear power equipment comprehensive thermal and hydraulic test project passed the design plan review

    On December 22, 2020, Hefei Xinhu Canned Pump Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Hefei Shinhoo") organized a meeting at Shanghai Nuclear Energy Equipment Testing and Verification Center Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Shanghai Nuclear Energy Testing Center") located in Lingang, Shanghai At the design review meeting of the "Comprehensive Thermal-Hydraulic Test Bench for Nuclear Power Equipment", a number of experts from the domestic nuclear power field conducted a professional review of the bench design. photo The integrated thermal-hydraulic test bench for nuclear power equipment was jointly developed by Hefei Shinhoo and Shanghai Nuclear Energy Testing Center. The bench design is advanced and widely used. The bench test projects cover the thermal performance test of high temperature and high pressure pumps and control rod drive lines. Hot rod drop test, control rod drive mechanism hot life test, fuel assembly long-term wear and other test contents. At the review meeting, the expert group listened to the project’s report on the test bench functional parameters, process flow, electrical and instrument control systems, etc. After discussion, the expert group agreed that the nuclear power equipment integrated thermal and hydraulic test bench design is reasonable and feasible. And unanimously agreed to pass the design plan review. video conference The thermo-hydraulic test bench can verify the safety performance of the system design and provide test data for nuclear power safety analysis and verification. It has become an indispensable experimental research platform in the development of nuclear power safety technology.

  • 252020 Nov
    "Made in Shinhoo"-Helping Chang'e-5 launch

    At 4:30 am on November 24th, the Chang'e-5 lunar probe was launched at the Wenchang Space Launch Site in Hainan by China’s strongest rocket, the Long March 5 Yaowu carrier rocket, starting my country’s first return journey for sampling of extraterrestrial objects . Great powers, if they have supernatural power, inspire people! It is said that behind every successful man is the strong support of a woman. Behind every phased success of China's aerospace industry, in addition to the support of national human resources and the willingness of the people, there is also an important "behind the scenes" promoter silently supporting. It is-Shinhoo canned motor pump. In the Chang'e-5 launch mission, the low-temperature fuel filling canned motor pump independently developed by Shinhoo, with accurate flow and high reliability, successfully fueled the Long March 5 rocket. At present, the space pump products developed by Shinhoo have been serialized, and the fuel refueling tasks of the Long March 6, 7 and 5 series rockets have all been successfully executed by Shinhoo. Shinhoo focuses on the development of "non-leakage canned motor pumps" and provides customized products for fluid transportation. In the field of high-end equipment, custom-developed safe and leak-free canned pump products for major projects such as national ships, motor (locomotive) vehicles, nuclear power plants, and aerospace launches. In terms of civilian use, Shinhoo provides efficient and reliable services and supply chain guarantees for wall-hung boilers, air source heat pumps, and water heater manufacturers.

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